«Back-to-barge» pumping system

The back-to-barge pumping system makes collecting and transporting morts from the cages to the barge a fully automated operation. Dead fish are pumped from the bottom of the cages through a fully enclosed pipe-grid to the service barge or shorebase for dewatering, separation, and disposal.

The benefits of the systems are:

  • Effective collection and transport of morts in an enclosed system
  • Easier and more convenient collection and handling of morts
  • Allows for mortality removal also in severe weather conditions
  • Eliminates the need for sending boats to cages for morts collection
  • One-man mortality removal from the barge every day
  • Reduces health- and safety risks for the operator
  • The operation can be automated with timers and remote control
  • Increased bio security due to removal of morts and waste water
  • Smaller environmental foot-print
  • Future-oriented and environmentally friendly

The back-to-barge systems consists of one or two main pipe-lines from the cages to the dewaterer on the barge or on shore. Distance can vary from 30 to 600M depending on site-layout.


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