Intend to make GRAS from fishfarming waste

Two experienced companies in the aquaculture industry, Bolaks and Lift Up are cooperating to develop new technology for collecting waste in salmon cages, and have applied the Norwegian authorities for 6 licenses to test out the technology. The project has been named GRAS (Green circulation of aqauaculture waste) and aims to allow for full-scale collection of waste from salmon cages.

«With his technology we believe that it will be possible to increase production of farmed salmon in existing localities while at the same tim reducing the effect on the surrounding environment. In addition we can build upon existing technology and expertise perfected over several decades» says Bjørg Holmefjord Antonsen, CEO of Bolaks.

Lift Up has many years experience as supplier of mort collection equipment to the aquaculture industry. Since 2012 the company has tested different methods of collecting also fish waste from floating fishfarming cages and has done research on how to utilise fish waste as fertilizer. “These trials have shown great potential and we see fish waste as an importan resource, both as an ingridient in fertilizer as well as for biogas production» says CEO of Lift Up, Liam Heffernan. «If we succeed in effective collection of feed waste (uneaten feed and faeces) on a large scale basis, this will open up the potential for a value chain that can utilise the energy in the waste».